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Shenzhen tai wing technology limited was Founded in October 2010,which was one of the comprehensiveemerging high-tech enterprises with the design, research and development, production and sales of the whole color display screen inside and outside.Since it was founded in 8 years we have been focusing on the field of outdoor LED commercial display applications.Our products include indoor and outdoor solid advertising screen and rental screen, smart city terminal series products and creative screen, etc.As a professional LED display brand manufacturer,with high quality photoelectric products and personalized application solutions, Tai Wing technology has gained the favor of domestic and foreign partners.Our company has a complete and highly automated LED display production line,the monthly output can reach 10,000 square meters, and we have a professional research and development team that can meet the customers’ various needs for special screen design and production.

Tai Wing always adhere to the value orientation of "customer first, passion, innovation, focus and efficiency", to provide customers with the best quality products and services. At present, our company is in the transformation of the mode of development, promote strategic transformation, strengthen independent innovation, will display the use of the scheme to simple intelligent efficient, efforts to shift a part of wisdom urban construction.

The Tai Wing team participated in various international technical exchanges and international exhibition exchanges, the products and services of Tai Wing are continuously transported to the America, Europe, Middle East and southeast Asia, and the products are widely used in large display projects in mainland China and abroad. Stable product quality and excellent technical team are essential to ensure the development of tyron in the LED industry.

The company has a strong, well-trained and technical service team that is responsible for the whole process of sales service, If the detailed product technical plan is formulated, the display screen installation guidance and training will be carried out in the sale, the after-sales service will provide warranty service and customer care. The Tai Wing is committed to providing customers with a complete set of solutions to meet customers' needs efficiently and comprehensively.

Service commitment: free training, 2 years warranty, lifelong maintenance.

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