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About us

Who we are

We don’t just strive for perfection, we make it a reality for our customers.

With over ten (10) years of experience in our engineering design and manufacturing team, with the imported machinery from Japan and the first-class production process, there is no led display project too niche or too big that we cannot tackle. Our team can help you turn all your LED display ideas into reality. So far, TW has provided more than 5000 LED displays for domestic and foreign customers.

What we do

We can design and produce different types of LED displays according to customer needs. For us and our customers, each display is unique. We can provide customers with different LED display creative solutions according to the installation site and different customer needs. From design, production to installation, we provide customers with a one-stop service to make the display easier. So far, we have provided perfect led screen creative solutions for airports, stations, commercial centers, stadiums, concerts, hospitals, streets, parks, conference centers, and other fields.

What we focus on

With the ever-growing cost competitiveness of led display, it has become our duty to become even more cost-competitive for both our domestic and non-domestic customers. We have the responsibility to provide our domestic and foreign customers with more cost-competitive LED displays without sacrificing product quality and stability. Providing customers with competitive LED displays and perfect creative solutions will always be our top priority.

Why us

If you need a perfect display design and production service provider, we will be your best choice. Perfect product design and standardized production process, professional sales and after-sales team to escort your project.



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